Climate Dialogue for Climate Justice

Cascadia Zoom Online Meeting

Bothell, WA 98011

Climate Dialogue for Climate Justice

Climate justice involves proper planning and discussion about how vulnerable communities are most affected by climate change. In order to become more climate just, we need to better understand our impacts and provide resiliency resources for our communities. By opening discussions about how climate impacts can be mitigated, we can have a positive influence and potentially change the outcome of climate change. 

Featured speakers:

  • -Dr. Nick Bond, Washington State Climatologist, University of Washington Seattle 
  • -Susan Wagshul-Golden, Director of Campus Safety & Security at University of Washington Tacoma 
  • -Jamie Stroble, Climate Engagement Specialist, King County
  • -Sameer Ranade, Civic Engagement and Policy Manager, Front and Centered 




Wednesday, 21 October, 2020


Meagan Walker

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